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The Truth About This Virtual Program

Are you a flight fan and dream of taking to the skies just a like a real pilot one day? Well, as it turns out the VirtualPilot3D flight simulator system might just be all you need to make your dreams a reality.

The system promises to offer an experience closest to what it feels like to fly a real plane but in the comfort of your own home. We know you have probably tried other flight simulators that most likely did not measure up to your expectations and you might be skeptical about wanting to try this one.

To help you make a good purchase decision, we are going to lay out all the facts and any possible drawbacks of the system.


Overview Of The VirtualPilot 3D™

Based on a state-of-the-art realistic flight-modeling system, this flight simulator is designed to give you the experience of flying a real plane including actual controls of the cockpit. Simply put, it is made to be 100% real with real aircraft and scenery. The system is certified to be used for commercial purpose and even offers hardware checks needed for FAA certification.

Furthermore, it is currently in the beta testing stage in different flight schools all over the world. The game contains over 200 aircraft and thousands of real airports so you can explore nearly the entire world with super realism. On top of that, it boasts tons of basic and advanced features to cater to the needs of everyone.

To start enjoying the game, you will need to install it first and this step takes only 8 minutes to complete. You will then need to run the “Flight Launcher” to begin exploring the world using any aircraft. It is available in a digital version to allow instant download but if you don’t have a reliable internet connection, you can opt for a 4-DVD edition of the game.


What Should You Expect From This Simulator?

This game comes with over 200 manuals meaning you can actually use the tips therein to fly over 200 aircraft. This is a first – our research indicates that no other system on the market comes close to this.

What’s more? Unlike in real life aviation, this program unlocks your world by giving you massive choices and that means you can enjoy flying any aircraft model you feel like upon using this program.

Another thing you can expect from this program is a hands-on look and feel of the real stuff. For instance, you will get to feel how a Cessna differs from a Boeing 737.


What’s More?

The cockpit itself is built exactly like cockpits are in real life. Because this system utilizes an actualized flight modeling system, it means you will experience the cockpit controls in pretty much the same way it feels in real life.

Simply put, this is one of few systems out there that provide you with a total immersion experience.


Benefits of VirtualPilot 3D™

Real Effects

Owing to the fact that this program has built-in realistic instrument behavior, you can look forward to different inputs mimicking how real-life controls react. In fact, you can even experience the real world effects of the weather and wind blowing as you glide above the virtual clouds.

Likewise, thanks to the VirtualPilot3D core, you can even expect to experience the effects of turbulent weather e.g. the controls lagging just as it happens in real-life.

25,000 Airports To Choose From

Whether you feel like landing in Beijing, Johannesburg, Amsterdam or maybe you just want to experience the beauty of JFK or San Jose airport, this program gives you an opportunity to experience the world differently.

Just select your desired destination, select the kind of runway and weather conditions and voila! You’ll be at liberty to tour the world, just the way you like.

Ultra-Realistic Scenery

Most flight simulation programs use imaginary maps; however, the VirtualPilot3D program uses real-life terrain obtained from Google satellites.

Most importantly, this sim takes into account the fact that there are always seasonal changes to the weather. Besides that, each map is highly detailed with a clear view of celestial bodies among them the Stars, Moon and the Sun.

Interactive Network

Thanks to this system, you don’t have to fly alone. It allows you to interact and explore the world with other pilots in the game.

You just need to use the integrated Google Maps finder to locate other users and connect with them.

Compatible with Multiple Computers

Unlike most flight simulator systems out there that are compatible with a few computers, you can install this game on various computers thanks to its multi-use license.

The game even supports all kinds of hardware such as joysticks, yoke, TrackIR and even foot pedals. It is also compatible with most Window versions and Macs.


Are There ANY Bonuses?

Apart from the VirtualPilot3D game, you will also be given free access to the VIP member area.This will enable you to receive monthly updates for life without paying a single dime.

Therefore, anytime there are new aircraft models or scenery objects, you will get them for free.


Compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7, 8 and 10 (XP and Vista also).

Easy to install and launch.

Available as a physical DVD .

Great customer support before and after check-out.

No recurrent charges – a one-off payment.

The checkout process is SSL secured.

Suitable for everyone regardless of experience level.



Does not offer a refund program once the game is downloaded.

The DVD may take a while to arrive depending on your location.

The possibility of future updates means you have to keep up with frequent changes on this program.


About The Creators

This flight simulator game was created by three incredible gentlemen including Mark Duran, Ozil Aguirre, and John Irwin.

They created the system after five years of extensive development and research with both the NASA and FAA.


Final Thoughts

This is an awesome game that gives you an opportunity to enjoy flying any aircraft you want. The beauty of it is that unlike in real-life, you won’t have to deal with nausea or g-force.

So you get to focus more on what matters i.e. mastering the controls and less on what doesn’t matter i.e. nausea. Sounds like something you’d like to give a shot?

The VirtualPilot 3D™ is currently being sold at a limited-time discounted. If you’re reading this, it means you qualify for this offer – so, go ahead and claim your copy before this window closes.

 Package That We Offer

There are 2 types of package that we offer which is BASE package and VIP Premium package as below :

Get The Entire
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VirtualPilot 3D
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